David Plymouth’s First Ever SEO?

Plymouth’s first ever SEO (Search Engine Marketing) Expert.

David started his SEO life back in 1998 BG (before Google) and there is not much he doesn’t know!

David was an early adopter of the very first Pay Per Click advertising platform … GoTo.com .. Top rankings could be had for 5 cents a click when he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now David can troubleshoot all your SEO problems, set websites up to rank on Google, manage your Google Pay Per Click campaigns through his Google My Client Center and advise you on how you can gain more business on the world wide web.

David’s service is really affordable, he is now retired but still keeps up with every Google update.

For an honest, affordable SEO and Blog service call David
on 07307 607394

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David Saunders
86 Echo Crescent
Manadon Park

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