SEO As A Career – How To Do It

How to start an SEO company in 2021/2022

If you really want to start your own SEO company, get employment or just like freelancing – SEO career can be a good option… The road to success can be long but the rewards can be good.

I started SEO in the very early days back in 1999 when I lived in San

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Francisco and Walnut Creek, California. It was something new and I had just built a couple of websites using Microsoft Front Page and ZyWorld (both now gone) I ran an upscale wedding DJ business service from Monterey to way up in the California Wine country. My websites got to number one (or thereabouts) on Yahoo!, Hotbot, Netscape, Northern Lights and so many others just before Google! I got interested in the why and how it happened and have been doing it ever since!

Did you know Alexa started as a search engine helper for us SEO types? Alexa search for SEO is still out there but you will have to Google it…. 🙂

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