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SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization can be a somewhat overwhelming subject. There are so many aspects that influence the ranking of your website in the search engines. On top of that SEOs tend to use quite some jargon, especially on topics like analyticstechnical SEO and WordPress.

We’d like to make SEO understandable for everyone! That’s why we’ve created this SEO basics category. If you read the posts in this category you’ll find out how Google works, what crawlability is and we’ll introduce you to some SEO and WordPress terminology, like slugs. On top of that we’ll explain in layman’s language how to improve the SEO of your website, for example, your mobile site.

I’m David of SEO Services by David and have been in the world of search since 1999 when I lived in San Francisco and then Walnut Creek, California. I had several successes with a couple of websites which I cobbled together with Microsoft Front Page, Moveable Type, Typepad and ZyWorld . My curious mind made me try and figure out how I kept coming top on the search engines of the time… Hotbot, Snap!, Yahoo!/GoTo (5 cents a click to be top!), Northern Lights, Ask Jeeves and so many more.

My single operator upscale wedding and event DJ business was really busy and I seriously considered growing into a multiple operator – but no! I was making good dollars “doing SEO” for Napa, San Francisco/Oakland and Sonoma wineries galore and Car Dealers who sold many, many used cars using my honest to goodness SEO techniques.

Over the years my American wife and I came back to England where I started up an SEO and WordPress website business… I was addicted and fell in love with the Yoast products that made website and SEO so easy.

Do yourself a favour and get Yoast for your business….

David aka David Can’t Swim
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