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David was born in Devon’s beautiful South Hams area in Flete House, Ermington near Ivybridge. Mothecombe beach was his back garden and where he had an accident which saw him never swimming!. David grew up in Plymouth and attended Plymouth College of Art and Design.

David always wanted to be a professional DJ and that came to be in 1974. David worked for Top Rank (Majestic) in Plymouth for a year before travelling around with Top Rank (Cardiff, Bradford, Leeds, Derby, Sheffield, Reading and more) (77-78) then moving to the Fiesta Suite on Mayflower Street for four wonderful years (78 – 82).

1982 saw David return to Norway and tour some great clubs. David eventually came back to Plymouth after yet another lengthy tour of Northern Norway in 1987. A few weeks later, and quite by chance, David found himself as the new licensee of the James Street Vaults the only pub on the University of Plymouth Campus. David later moved to Bath (April 1990) where he took over the license of Sam Weller’s Pub on Upper Borough Walls. He met his American wife Elizabeth in the pub and where they married in 1993.

David went to live in America for 15 years and set up his own upmarket wedding and event DJ business along with learning SEO way back when it first emerged on Yahoo!, Hotbot, AOL, Netscape and so many more. When Google came along David found himself really busy and his honesty almost always saw his business grow. He also set up some huge Car Dealers websites for SEO success. David was always fascinated by the car buyers travelling hundreds of miles to pick up a particular used car that they wanted… These sales were brought in by using good SEO practices. David made $3000 on one sale without realising it. He was never a salesman!

David continued offering classy. upscale and lively DJ/MC services at many events and five star weddings with most of his bookings coming via Google search! Way to go….

David and Liz are back in Plymouth now and retired. David still “does SEO” and can offer great deals.

If you do need any help call 07307 607395

David is quite simply unique! The passion he has for everything he does is contagious and working with him is a complete pleasure. If you have an opportunity to work with David I’d seize it with both hands – the experience will always be a good one, and he will work 100% to achieve total satisfaction.

Adam Stone, Rokk Media, Exeter, Devon

David Can’t Swim SEO and Google My Business services in
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