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Plymouth Internet Radio Update… July 2021

Love Train Social Club – The Funky Soul radio station almost went live!! Everything was set up except a broadcasting platform and a strong plan but while I was in and up for it I couldn’t see me running it all 24/7. I am very particular about DJs/Presenters and others that could have been involved SO! I let the whole project sit for awhile and am awaiting news of more bloody lockdowns before I make a firm decision…… Let’s see eh?

See update above…. Coming very soon!

New Internet Radio Station with international, professional club and event DJ/MC DJ Davy.

Love Train Social Club is on the way and will play heavily on the following genre’s as slick as can be!……..Soul, 70s/80s Disco, Motown, House Mixes, Soul Mixes, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues …….. 24/7

Love Train Social Club promise there will be no knackered banter or chit chat and we will be keeping things truly global.

We will be relying on donations and favours along with David’s incredible Google internet marketing talents to fund the project. So if you need some SEO, Google or WordPress jobs done fast and at the lowest possible rate get in touch with David




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