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Social Media Benefits

Join the world of Social Media to enhance your business.

A mix of good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing will have a positive affect on your local business….. Try LinkedIn (and don’t forget those juicy backlinks!), Twitter, Facebook Business, Instagram (if you are selling something), Pinterest and so many more……

Need help? Call 0703 607395 I’m in Plymouth and can help most businesses…if I can’t no charge.

What Is A Chatbot

What is a Chatbot? Chatbots are computers programmed to mimic human conversation through voice or text interactions. For a chatbot to be integrated into a company’s service or sales department, low or no coding is required. This tool not only helps people with communication but also is helpful for smooth business operations. David highly recommends chatbots

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Past SEO Clients in the USA

Past clients in the Charlotte, Lake Norman North Carolina and San Francisco Bay Area BACE Corp., Charlotte, NC Maddi’s Southern Bistro, Birkdale Village, Huntersville Maddis Gallery, Birkdale Village, Huntersville Bojangles Restaurants, USA Diamondback Investments LLC, Davidson NC Estates and Condos Realty, Cornelius Creative Ej Music Lessons, Huntersville, NC Intwine Marketing, San Francisco, CA Wild Rock Wines,

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Wikipedia 20th Anniversary

Wikipedia = 20 this Year…… In 2021, it is difficult to imagine a world without Wikipedia. The volunteer-written, free encyclopedia is the go-to information source for just about anything and is used the world over. Wow!!! I have been a user since the beginning and was once a very minor contributor. Amazing

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