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From me to you…. SEO Tips and Google Advice!

As I have been saying since 1998 when I lived in San Francisco (don’t worry I’m back in Plymouth now!), all SEO for websites starts with on page SEO — and it’s not initially about user generated content but about things like

  • site title
  • site description
  • titles/names of categories
  • description of each category
  • make sure that the descriptions are always visible and that they are visible  Google bot and such
  • do the same for subpages and tabs
  • don’t ever cheat and think you have gotten away with it! Someone (and I am one) will notice… I am a Google Reviewer and Local Guide and will report cheats right away. Google usually remove reports from trusted sources immediately. I’ve always found this to be amazing
  • Get Google to trust you by being trustworthy in everything you do. I have honest & worthwhile advice.
  • Being number one on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and so on may not matter as you could have a website appear at the number 3 position and still get tons of work. Remember the search position can change all the time
  • Do not keep Google’ing your business as this will give you back false stats which are useless!
  • A listing on Google for Business is essential and to be maintained as much as possible
  • Pleasantly ask for a review every time BUT don’t ask relations, friends and so on as the fakery can come back and bite you…I can take care of all this
  • always use search engine friendly URLs. I do this for you!
  • Use Jetpack SEO tools or Yoast SEO tools

These are all opportunities to get a variety of defining and relevant search terms in front of search bots. In today’s world of search term generated search results, this is critical.

Set up a Google Search Console account for your website and manually submit a sitemap to get Google search crawling your site FAST.

Call David on What’s App 07307 607395 or email davidcantswim@gmail.com